The Finance and Business Lawyer

About Kimberly

Have you ever had a passion to help others? But you are really good at “working for the man”? Kimberly will teach you all the lessons she’s learned from decades of working with businesses from startups to Fortune 10.

Kimberly considers herself way too educated – with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management to a law degree and even a Masters in Tax.

But she’s been able to leverage that educational experience into a career of building companies. An expert at financial systems and corporate governance and contracts, who better to learn from than someone that has “been there and done that”?

A Passion for Growth

Kimberly started her online journey in the early days of the commercial internet. Back in the days of blinking Geocities pages, Kimberly built a site that started making money with the books only version of Amazon!

But she had dreams of being a lawyer – so college and law school later, she began advising companies. From corporate formation to selling and retirement, Kimberly advised companies from small mom-and-pop corner stores to large multi-national mega corporations.

Her work has led her from county councils to the board room. But her passion is still the new business owner. Establishing and then growing a company is fun! And why do it for only one company as an in-house lawyer when she can help hundreds of companies grow with Springboard Legal!

Helping to Grow Your Company

Founders are typically really good at the core function of their business. They can deliver on the product or the service that their company produces. But founders are typically bad business people.

It’s not that Founders are horrible business people. They have just never been taught the knowledge or the skills that it takes to run a successfully growing company.

That’s where Kimberly comes in – to help Founders learn how to start, manage, and grow their business. It’s not enough to have a great idea, you need the knowledge and the tools to operate a well-oiled machine.

Here at Springboard Legal, instead of paying Kimberly for hours and hours of her time, you can learn the lessons from decades of advising companies of all sizes and develop the skill set that you need to grow. This will give you exactly what you need to succeed in your new business venture.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Kimberly is a practicing attorney, licensed in Georgia. And this isn’t her first rodeo. She’s been advising companies for years.

She started in her own firm, advising companies, including a local liquor store, a real estate joint venture, a construction company, and more. Then she went on to become the law firm administrator (think: Chief Financial Officer or a Chief Administrative Officer) for a multi-state insurance defense firm.

But running a law firm that catered to insurance companies wasn’t really doing it for Kimberly. So she went on to a financial consulting firm, working with major corporations – many of which you would know their names. In industries such as software and technology, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, banking, and health care. She saw the best and the worst of corporate America. Most importantly, she was tasked with fixing many of the issues in the financial and legal workings of these companies.

Then she went in-house, with a high growth logistics company. She was in the middle of the supply chain crisis, working to fix her corner of that massive problem throughout the pandemic. She helped to scale that company by 2x in revenue and 3x in head count.

She now brings all of her experience, working with these companies to you.