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Join the Springboard Legal affiliate program, so you can promote and earn commissions on legal courses, templates, and other resources!

Setup your audience of business owners and freelancers to have legal resources to help them grow their businesses in smart and legal ways.

Program Features

  • 30-50% commissions on products
  • Monthly payouts on the 15th of the month
  • New products being added regularly
  • Product prices range from $9-250
  • Last cookie + lifetime/no expiration

Kimberly DeCarrera

Attorney and CFO

Outside General Counsel advising startups and high growth middle market companies. Licensed attorney since 2006
Previously Chief Financial and Legal Officer (CFO/CLO) that grew a company from $40m to $120m

The courses and resources are ideal for freelancers, contractors, startups, and small businesses. People that want to learn more about legal topics without investing in my hourly rate for basic legal education. People that want to learn when they need to find more professional help or when they can DIY the issue. People that believe prevention is better than cure when it comes to legal issues.

All affiliate applications are subject to review and approval at the sole discretion of Springboard Legal.

To apply: Email Make sure to include the email address that you use for your ThriveCart affiliate portal. Also include your website name and URL, along with any promotional methods or channels that you plan on including affiliate links to Springboard Legal (email, website, social media channels or groups, etc).

No, we do not allow you to get commissions on products that you buy for yourself or your own business through our affiliate program. These commissions will be disallowed.

You are only eligible for commissions on products, not services. So you can earn commissions on the courses, templates, and books, but you cannot earn a commission on 1:1 services with Kimberly DeCarrera or DeCarrera Law, LLC. Not because I don’t want to pay for referrals, but the bar association has very stringent rules on sharing fees for legal services with non-attorneys. And no, you are not worth my bar license over!

If you are another attorney, then contact Kimberly for further discussions.

No, we do not require any kind of exclusivity, not even among legal template or course providers. You can promote our products along with those of any other affiliate program.

Yes, all links must be accompanied with an appropriate affiliate relationship disclosure, in accordance with FTC rules. We do not require any specific wording or fonts, but there must be disclosure.

Yes, you can promote Springboard Legal and our products in your emails, as long as you follow all applicable laws, including CANSPAM and affiliate disclosure rules.

Commission payments are made through PayPal, so make sure that you give me your PayPal account email address. Payments go out monthly, around the 15th of the month.

Commissions are paid in U.S. Dollars.

Good news! There is no minimum threshold for affiliate payouts! This means if you sell only one product, you’ll get paid on it without having to wait for you to sell more.

Springboard Legal uses ThriveCart and Learn to sell and deliver products. Once you are approved as an affiliate, you’ll get added to the affiliate section in ThriveCart. From there, you can select which Springboard Legal products to promote with the link provided inside ThriveCart. Make sure that you use this link so that the cookie sets and you are credited with the sale.