Legal Services

Fractional General Counsel and Other Legal Services

More Information on the Fractional General Counsel and Other Legal Services provided here at Springboard Legal

Who We Serve

Serving companies throughout the entire business lifecycle from entrepreneurs and startups to high-growth middle-market and Fortune 100 companies.

Industries Served

  • Professional Services
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Software / SaaS
  • Content Creators

Core Services

  • Fractional General Counsel
  • Outside General Counsel
  • Project Based Work

Kimberly DeCarrera

Business Attorney

Kimberly DeCarrera is the managing attorney at Springboard Legal. She currently represents a variety of clients across several industries to help them achieve their business goals with a special focus on legal and financial compliance.

Core Services

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

What truly sets Springboard Legal apart is a proactive approach to problem-solving. Rather than merely addressing issues as they arise, they anticipate potential challenges and implement strategic measures to mitigate risks. This foresight has not only safeguarded my business but has also positioned it for sustainable growth.
Michelle K.
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Start Getting New Knowledge and Experience, Together!

In addition to one-on-one services, Springboard Legal also has a variety of courses and resources for business owners to learn the basics of business to spring your business forward.